Post Workout Exercises

Good post workout exercises


Stretching before and after a workout is as important as the main exercise session, hence, post stretches should be given some time in order to avoid injury. While others complain that they do not have much time to stretch, it actually takes up 5 to 10 minutes to give the muscles of the body of what they need.


Stretching regularly increases motion range and reduces the injury risk from connective tissue lesions. It can enhance one’s flexibility and a good stress relief. By learning tips about post workout exercises, you will know which best muscle groups to target after a workout. It just takes a few minutes to get rid of the lactic acid, so the body performs stronger and stays healthy all the time. Here are 5 of the best workout stretches and muscle groups to target after a workout:


  1. Forward bend for the hamstrings

A good start is to do the forward bend which targets the hamstrings. It is done by sitting on the floor with extended legs. All along, the back should be kept straight while reaching the toes, and hold.


  1. Runner’s lunge for calves and hamstrings

The person should stand 10 inches from a wall, placing his palms on it. With the right foot, he can step back and bend his left knee while keeping his right heel down. Hold and repeat for the opposite side.


  1. Shoulder stretch for the shoulders and back

The shoulders and the back are among the best muscle groups to target after a workout with shoulder stretch. To do this, one should raise his right arm and bend his elbow over his head at a 90-degree angle. The left hand grabs the right elbow, gently pulling it to the left. Shoulder stretch should be repeated for the opposite side.


  1. Heel drop for foot joints and ankle

On a flight of stairs, the person should stand on the bottom step with the balls of his feet on the step’s edge. Then he should gently allow his heels to drop. Then hold. This is good for both the foot joints and ankle, two of the best muscle groups to target after a workout.


  1. Upward Dog for the arms and back

The upward dog stretch can be executed by lying flat on one’s belly. The arms should be straight as one pushes with his hands. Lift the thighs and keep the toes pointed.


It is ideal to stretch every day and pay attention to the best muscle groups to target after a workout. Each stretch can be executed for about 15 to 20 seconds and for a round or two. Eventually, one would gain flexibility and can hold each stretch longer and deeper. It is important to equally stretch both sides.

Stretching should not cause pain, otherwise, it has gone too far. It should start with a low range and slowly build up. The person can do a light stretch, or hold on for 15 to 20 seconds without feeling pain.

Furthermore, one should not hold breath when stretching. Proper breathing helps the person relax and make his stretch deeper.